Freeing Ending Will [1x]

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Freeing Ending Will [1x]

Post  SilverBlade-of Darkness on Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:17 am

Years of Love and Pain. Makia Soulfinder Silver, Is a young girl who Every one calls a Whore. She is some one who would go around the town and Get guys under her spell. She is a Vampire who is also a witch. One Day She was doing her daily thing. When she Gets Caught with her wearabouts by another vampire. [insert name] Is also a vampire who trys to get her to stop what she is doing but ensted falls in love with her. Her past was getting raped by her own father. Which Causes her actions now. Will he stop her and have her focus on him or will he fail and give up?

JUst need the vampire boy


Name: Makia Soulfinder Silver
Age: 400 (looks 18)
History: In her past getting Raped by her father. Each time she lurs a human to her. She MAkes love and Then drinks him Dry.
Race: Vampire and Witch

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